What happens in Russia…

So, by all accounts nothing special happened this week eh?

Everything seemed to be pretty simple, it’s not like anything was falling out of the sky.

Oh wait

Yep, like most people I have read bout the rock that slammed in the ground around Russia a day or so ago, which caused over 1000 to be injured so far due to many different factors; and yes I have heard of asteroid 2012 DA14, the rock that passed us by but being the only one that came so close to us (it was shy of 17,500km).

This event reminded me of a short story that I tried to write last year, and failed horribly at writing it. It was a story for the Machine of Death series. The series revolves around a machine that can predict what kills you, and that’s it. You don’t know the year, month, day and time when it would take place, just what will kill you. Now there were many ways going about it, but the major rule was you had to include the machine in the story, heck even the protagonist didn’t have to use it. Still, I had thought up a story, it involved space travel, a space ship and the aftermath of a war and people being relocated to other planets.

Suffice to say, because of the word limit they placed on the story (I can’t remember the number) I just could not do it. During the process of writing it, I kept on self editing as I went along and I rushed it. After I finish I gave it to a friend of mine who I knew could edit things for me and while he did it, he told me what was wrong with it. I’m glad I didn’t do anything with it even though I missed out on trying for Vol. 2 of The Machine of Death.

But still, this recent event with the asteroid reminded me of the story I wrote, and I want to write it, it just doesn’t need to have the machine in it and it can still work. We’ll see where this goes after I finish school this April.

Take care folks.

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