If you don’t want to be a writer, follow these steps, especially if you’re trying to be one. If you don’t do any of these, then keep going.

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2. Or, keep writing but:

  • Stop trying to improve. Focus on racking up publication credits, or sales, or reprints, rather than whether this story is noticeably better than the last one.
  • Refuse to listen when your writing is criticized, regardless of the quality or thoroughness of the critique or review. Only listen to your fans, the people who tell you how great you are, and suspect — quietly, to yourself, or loud and indignantly to your loved ones — that your critics just didn’t “understand” what you were “going for”.
  • Stop sending your writing out for feedback (either to alpha/beta readers before you consider it done, or publishers afterward).
  • Stop trying new things, whether it’s different genres, different styles, different markets, or different character types.
  • Complain, constantly, that your work isn’t selling enough. Post on social media that people you know, your friends and family…

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Kickstarter: Save the Sci Fi: The Next Generation! by Singularity&Co.

Okay guys, like seriously guys, these people are already kind of doing what I wanna do. They have a bookstore (in Brooklyn) in which they do sell old paperback Sci-Fi novels. In this Kickstarter, they just want to rescue out of print books and turn them into e-books to save them. So please, send some money their way or at least spread the word.



Another Year, Another Haul

Hello, everyone! So, Christmas has come and gone, and so has Boxing Day, so if you’ve been here for some time then you know what that means! It’s time for my yearly book haul.

What happens is this: each year for Christmas I ask for gift cards, more importantly Chapters gift cards. I do buy books throughout the year, but it’s during Boxing Day where I can get about twice the amount that I usually get. The reason is that I can get 30% off all hardcovers and because I’m a part of their reward system I get an extra 10% which kind of covers the tax. So, that said, since my birthday is about almost a month earlier, if I ask for gift cards then, and get more in December, then Boxing Day is my favorite day of the year.

So, after the jump, I’ll begin the (long) list of books, complete with their summaries. I may not comment on why I bought them this year, but at least you’ll get a sense of what I managed to snag.


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Why equal representation is important in comics.


Guys, equal representation matters. It’s a major issue that needs to be addressed, and my friend Toby here gives a damn good reason as to why.

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I have been working a lot of long days here at the comic store so my actual free writing time has been bumped up significantly as of late. I think that’s been reflected in the amount of new readers I have. Hi readers!

As many of you already know I work two jobs; one at a small Comic store in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area not Grand Theft Auto) and another job doing comic book illustration. Working almost full days  all week long in the comic field, one can pretty much assume that comics are always on my mind. Always. So I find it strange that I haven’t actually addressed a very important issue in comics that’s very near and dear to me. Equal representation.

I know that some of you may be cringing at this point, you’ve heard it before from feminist bloggers and POC readers and for you…

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Who Supports Amanda Palmer?

Okay. I believe I had one of the better experiences in my entire life, just a few days ago. I may even dare say that it was life changing.

The experience was seeing Amanda Palmer live, in Toronto, at Lee’s Palace.

But I’m going to warn you right now, my recap of the event isn’t going to be too good, mostly because I had to get up at five in the morning that day and the show went from nine at night to ten past twelve, and I got home at two-thirty in the morning. So yeah, be ready for a long one after the jump.

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In The Silver Autumn Night


This is such a good poem.

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Fallen leaves of Autumn glimmer
In the opalescent light;
Untrodden ways grow dimmer,
Wreathed in silken mists that shimmer
In the silver Autumn night.

The crystal lake is gleaming
In the opalescent light;
And the water, softly dreaming,
Conjures stars and moonbeams streaming
In the silver Autumn night.

Mirror to a grace undying
In the opalescent light;
With the ancient stillness vying,
A lonesome cello sighing
In the silver Autumn night.

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