Why equal representation is important in comics.


Guys, equal representation matters. It’s a major issue that needs to be addressed, and my friend Toby here gives a damn good reason as to why.

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I have been working a lot of long days here at the comic store so my actual free writing time has been bumped up significantly as of late. I think that’s been reflected in the amount of new readers I have. Hi readers!

As many of you already know I work two jobs; one at a small Comic store in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area not Grand Theft Auto) and another job doing comic book illustration. Working almost full days  all week long in the comic field, one can pretty much assume that comics are always on my mind. Always. So I find it strange that I haven’t actually addressed a very important issue in comics that’s very near and dear to me. Equal representation.

I know that some of you may be cringing at this point, you’ve heard it before from feminist bloggers and POC readers and for you…

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Who Supports Amanda Palmer?

Okay. I believe I had one of the better experiences in my entire life, just a few days ago. I may even dare say that it was life changing.

The experience was seeing Amanda Palmer live, in Toronto, at Lee’s Palace.

But I’m going to warn you right now, my recap of the event isn’t going to be too good, mostly because I had to get up at five in the morning that day and the show went from nine at night to ten past twelve, and I got home at two-thirty in the morning. So yeah, be ready for a long one after the jump.

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In The Silver Autumn Night


This is such a good poem.

Originally posted on Ian Stewart Black:

Fallen leaves of Autumn glimmer
In the opalescent light;
Untrodden ways grow dimmer,
Wreathed in silken mists that shimmer
In the silver Autumn night.

The crystal lake is gleaming
In the opalescent light;
And the water, softly dreaming,
Conjures stars and moonbeams streaming
In the silver Autumn night.

Mirror to a grace undying
In the opalescent light;
With the ancient stillness vying,
A lonesome cello sighing
In the silver Autumn night.

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The Best Rejection Letter I’ve Received, Thus Far

I think that by now, everyone knows that when it comes to being a young writer, one of the hardest parts is submitting a piece to be accepted by a publishing house, or an anthology, or even a magazine. The reason is the waiting. Holy shit, waiting to see if a piece was accepted is so frustrating. Granted it’s because whoever received the piece obviously has to see if the written work actually fits what they’re looking for, and then go through a selective process of what they want to use with an untold number of submissions. So, after the waiting, then comes the other worst part: getting a letter, and most importantly not knowing it’s an acceptance or a rejection.

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I belong with the Dead Poets, so thank you Mr. Williams

I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I had vodka in me when I wrote it, and if you’re reading this then I had the courage to submit it.

So, it’s been awhile and my come back just happens to be the topic of the loss of an important person. It’s mostly because I felt the need to write this after hearing the loss of Robin Williams, which has been apparently done by suicide caused by depression. Of course everyone knows this by now, but I felt the need to state it just so we’re all on topic. I’ll be talking about Dead Poets Society briefly because I just watched it recently (spoilers on that part). Also, this will get personal, just a warning.

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Ugly Little Things, a collection of dark ficiton

Hey guys, fellow writer Todd Keisling has just launched his limited collection of short stories titled Ugly Little Things just a few minutes ago. He will only take orders until August the 16th, so please, if you like dark fiction, go support a really good author. Just click the link on the title, and it’ll take you there!
Take care peeps.